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Britain, Spain, Argentina and Gibraltar & the Falkland Islands

In a previous post, http://wp.me/p1yiG3-98 I wrote about the ongoing dispute between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands. I mentioned that Spain was on the side of their spanish speaking friends in Argentina. Spain is now attempting an 8,000 mile apart pincer movement over their dispute of the territory of Gibraltar. The Falklanders and Gibraltarians overwhelmingly want to stay British ( who wouldn’t? ). But yet again, we are in the position of having to fight to preserve the democratic right of self-determination of a population. In this case two.

Spain probably thinks we will not be able to protect both territories with our military. They are wrong. They have so many problems with their failed economy, failed eurozone participation and failed way of life that the government wants to turn the spotlight away from their failures and try to gain ‘patriotic’ support for taking Gibraltar.

Argentina’s fascist dictator Gaultieri tried this in the early 1980s over the Falkland Islands. He wanted to improve his chances of staying in power and tried the ‘patriotic’ approach by stealing the Falklands. It failed and cost the lives of many Argentinians as well as 255 British. Although the good that came out of this was Argentina’s attempt at democracy. Bearing in mind Spain has only been a democracy for a few decades, not much longer than Argentina and both were fascist countries, the Nazis moved in large numbers to Argentina after WWII ( President Kirschner is of German Descent ) and Spain often requested the Nazis bomb spanish areas where there was resistance against Spain’s own fascist government, although Spain was ‘officially’ neutral.






Isn’t it odd, Spain won’t give back Morocco its territories? What happened hundreds of years ago cannot be undone.

The people of the United States of America are not going to pack up their stuff and leave, returning the ancestral lands; leaving North America to the Native American Indians.

The people of Argentina are not going to return to Spain and Germany leaving the Argentinian lands to the indigenous population.

The Moors invaded Spain a thousand years ago. Are those people with Arabian genes going to pack up and go? Nope!

There has to be a cut off point and the people of the Falkland Islands and the people of Gibraltar have said their piece.

Spain, Argentina, grow up and move on. It is over.

I wish we were not in the European Union. The amount we put in is the rough amount Spain takes out. Why not just write them a cheque for ¬£4,000,000,000 each year and get out of the union and do our own thing? Would we be worse off? I don’t think so.

I long for the day when us British pull out of the European Union and either set up our original union principles again of free trade across our borders with the rest of Europe ( which was what we actually voted for back in 1973 ) or we pull out completely and just make friends with the rest of the world. Why not set up proper trade with African countries, Middle and Far East? Even South and Central America?

The USA would prefer we stay in the European Union. I like americans, but America always looks after itself first, regardless of how friendly it is with other nations. It is in their interests for us to be kept within the bounds of the European Union. Business is business to them and friendship doesn’t count for much, I think.


America’s Gun Law

Perhaps, as an Englishman, I have no right to question the validity or spurious justification by an element of the American people of a section of The Constitution of the United States of America, but I am going to.

As an Atheist, when there is a tragedy such as this, it is the only time where I hope there is a God, so those poor children and their teachers have not died in pain and terror with nothing better at the end of their life.

My basic knowledge of the ‘Amendment’ is that in 1791 this was added for the right of all Americans to bear arms. With exceptions for criminals, etcetera.

In 1791 the type of  pistol and rifle available were not what they are today and there can be no justification whatsoever for any civilized democracy to accept machine guns, grenades and the astonishing arsenal of weapons available today in America, under that Amendment.

No one in their right mind would accept that any individual citizen needs an assault rifle, grenade or worse to defend themselves. The Amendment was written for the right of self defence. The fact an Amendment was added years later shows they accepted the original Constitution was not correct. There have been many Amendments as we all know.

The basic right of a human being to defend themselves, their family and property with a weapon is something I agree with. As an Englishman, other than farmers and certain others in the United Kingdom, we are not allowed to privately own weapons other than in Gun Clubs which has become severely restricted since our own Scottish horror of Dunblane. I have been shot at in a drive by. There are times when I have wished for a gun.

Why would an American want an assault rifle? You have an armed Police Force, a National Guard and an Army, Navy and Air Force for external threats as well as internal ones. The only reason an American would want a gun like an assault rifle or a grenade is, what? Please tell me, because I just do not know.

I had a quick two minute look on the internet and I found this;


Written in 2007 it is worth reading.

Please America. Grow up. You do not need this type of weaponry in your home. To have single shot pistols and rifles, small magazines, is all you need to defend yourself.

America must, State by State, County by County, City by City and Town by Town begin to remove its hideous Arsenal before it is too late. The Constitution of the United States of America is not sacrosanct. Amendments prove it. Americans have understood the Constitution was only the basic principle of their life, the requirement of Amendments show this.

Amend again so no more schools are annihilated.

No human citizen of any country needs to arm themselves like this. Any human who wants to, is by definition not of sound mind to be allowed to hold such licenses for these weapons.


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