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Seascapes in Pictures

I don’t usually take pictures from the shore, there isn’t usually much to see, except a ship, a sea forest and the horizon. But I have added a couple of pix I have taken over the past few years. The first is a Sunset, looking across Pegwell Bay from Ramsgate to Sandwich and Richborough, Kent, England. To the left of the now demolished Richborough Power Station was Pfizer, Sandwich, in Kent, England. This is the place viagra was discovered. Now closed down. To the right of the power station is a 1980s experimental wind turbine. Many of these can now be seen creating sea forests….

The picture, although I didn’t realise it at the time, shows our energy sources. Nuclear power from the sun giving us solar power. Fossil coal power station, wind power turbine, tidal power. 



This picture interested me due to the fact seeing these circles of light breaking through the cloud and the horizon tinged with pink,  in person it felt very atmospheric. The picture doesn’t do it justice, there were more out of frame toward France. The couple walking their dog on the beach were completely oblivious. This was taken from Ramsgate, Kent, England. The Ramsgate Royal Harbour entrance, the only Royal Harbour in the UK,  is just visible to the right. In the distance, Deal is visible near the brightest ring of light. On the other side of Deal out of sight is Dover.




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