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Higgs boson

As someone with an appreciation of science, I am pleased it seems another piece of the jigsaw puzzle explaining how we are here, has been found.
But, how long before a scientist decides to begin ripping them open ‘to look inside to see what makes them tick’?
The Mayan calendar runs out in 2012, the Higgs boson has been found, which seems to be the bit that holds us together. Someone figures out how to split it apart, a cascade follows, everything dissolving to light. End of the world……
Fortunately, I believe the Mayans either just got fed up making another annual calendar ( isn’t a couple of thousand enough, already?), or the skill was passed from father to son – and we all know at some point son says to dad, I wanna go into show business…..

Well done for finding it though!


The Big Bang Theory

Whenever I read about ‘The Big Bang’ as the beginning of the Universe and our own existence, I always come back to the same problem…. What went ‘Bang’ in the first place if nothing was there? I simply do not accept that as even a theory. Something has to be there to go…’Bang’.

My own theory is that there was a Big Bang, we ignited within another existing thing. Thing isn’t a very useful word to use I suppose, so I will call it Ether,Essence, EE for short. My view is, I imagine a mist smaller than Quantum level, and infinite. There was a shift in the balances of this EE and it ignited. Our Universe continues igniting and expanding for 10,000 million years +. We continue to ignite EE at the edges of our Universe, continuing to expand our own existence by consuming this EE.

There is the fact that under the present Big Bang Theory model, 90% of the required mass of the Universe is missing, and has been called Dark Matter. There is no understanding how the perimeters of Galaxies are moving at the same rate as the centres. It is not understood how this can happen. My theory is that the perimeter of our Universe is consuming EE, creating a shell of matter at all edges of our Universe in every direction. The difference between the original Big Bang Theory and mine ( although I would be astonished if my theory has not already been thought of, but I have never seen this theory put forward ), is that when something explodes outwards, its energy is eventually dissipated, whether the explosion from a Star,  bomb or a sneeze; the force eventually lessens and stops – I appreciate that gravity is responsible for this, etc, but bear with me, this was the beginning of time. If I can use time in this context…..

But if the explosion is within something else and that something else – in this instance EE – continues to fuel the expansion of the Universe, what happens? The material already consumed and that has created the early Universe continues to be carried along in the throes of the continued  expansion by force. A simplistic explanation is, when we clasp our hands together and pull them apart, the palms pull the air along with them on an outwards and expanding trajectory. If we continued to be able to apply this outward trajectory force, the air inside our clasped hands and any particle, would continue to be forced, carried,  along when pulled apart. This could be why the galaxies defy the laws of physics under the original Big Bang Theory. By having the explosive force continue and pull everything along with it, the galaxies are under this influence.

The 90% of Dark Matter could be one of two things. It could be the burned remnant of the EE within our own time and space but not transparent or opaque we cannot see it.

Or the outer shell of our expanding Universe within the EE is the missing 90%. Our Universe is not a sphere, if memory serves scientists analysed the data and the Universe seems to be flattened down and longer in the horizontal than the vertical, so to speak. I wouldn’t know how to begin to measure the sphere as a quantity under this theory, but would assume that it would be at an atoms size only, at the event horizon so to speak.  It has been proposed that under most circumstances, we could not exist and neither of course could our galaxies. Under the perfect sphere theory of the Big Bang, gravity would not have had an effect in the variations required to form galaxies. But if we started from the original Big Bang, the force would surely have been uniform? There was nothing to alter the perfect expansion?

Under my theory the EE did not have to be perfectly uniform, in fact the reason for the ignition into The Big Bang was probably caused by the very EE imperceptibly altering enough for my Big Bang to begin.

I hope I have explained what I mean adequately enough, I am not a scientist by any definiton of the word, I just have a theory.

I apologise for those of you who thought this was to do with the excellent comedy series, but I hope you enjoyed the read and it has given you food for thought anyway.

The Photon Experiment

Where do I begin with this one…

There was an experiment carried out where a single photon was fired through a slit. This was repeated. It was presumed that the impact marks behind the slit would show a single point where the photons had ended up. Instead, a pattern of bars was created of the impact points.  Directly behind where the vertical slit was, there was a bar of impact points, then on either side of this bar another pair of bars of impact points and then another set of bars either side of these and so on. How could firing a single photon at the same point cause this bar effect to occur, as if the photons were collectively acting in wave form? How can a single photon be a wave? How could firing a number of these photons cause a wave effect?

That was the gist of it.

When I heard about this experiment and read about it (  Schroedinger’s Cat – don’t get me started on that one..), my first questions are,

1.Was the experiment done all over the world or just in this place?
2.Was the distance between the slit and the photon firing gun always the same?
3.Was there a distinct firing pattern, specific time periods between each firing?
4.Were different photon firing guns used?
5.Were differently shaped slits or openings used? (For example, a cross shaped slit, vertical slits as well as horizontal slits, etc).
6.Was the temperature and altitude constant?

You get my drift.

I have never seen these questions posed or answered.

So, my view is this. There is an underlying current to the Universe. Look at the waves move across a sea or ocean, take away the solid form and leave the wave effect. I believe there is an underlying current – or wave – throughout our universe. Which makes it a fifth force along with gravity, electromagnetism, etc.

If we were to continuously drop the smallest volume of matter that could be called water (H2O), which should be 2 atoms of Hydrogen to one atom of Oxygen in effect; into an ocean at the same point, under Laboratory conditions, the 3D impact of this over a period of time would show up the pitches and troughs of that current/wave as it passed through.

I believe this is what is happening with our photons, which travel at the speed of light, which therefore are affected by Time as well as what I believe is an underlying current/wave through our Universe.

Our massless photons are being taken on a ride through Time and Space from the point of leaving the gun through the time and distance traveled through the slit to the impact point. They drift with the constant ebb and flow of that current/wave. Causing bars in wave form to appear where only one should.

I may have solved the Unifying Theory too…..


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