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British Falklands & Argentina

(Link to History of Falklands http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Falkland_Islands ).

As an Englishman, I may be seen as biased over the Falklands Islanders right to be British. However, There are a few things that need to be highlighted to the World in general. 

The Spanish speaking Argentinians accuse the British of Colonialism. Argentina was, as much of South and Central America had been, invaded and conquered to all intents and purposes by the Spanish. Portugal took Brazil, the rest of Europe including the Spanish invaded and conquered North America. We all know this, sorry to state the obvious.

Argentina’s Spanish speaking President Kirchner demands the Falkland Islands are returned to Argentina. History shows Argentina were not inhabiting the Islands, no evidence showed they had either. The British eventually took complete control over the islands from other European countries, including Spain. History shows every nation has conquered other nations in their past, or territories or taken uninhabited lands as their own. This was the way of the world hundreds of years ago and even more recent. Argentina also declared the territories of Chile, the Beagle Channel, were theirs – as well as Antarctica. Argentinians get around it seems. The United Nations believe that the people of a nation, island or territory have the right to self-determination. The Falkland Islanders wish to be British and not Argentinian. That is why we have a military presence there, to defend them. 

Spain, the original home of the ancestors of many Argentinians, demand the British give Gibraltar back to them. They have no right to it, but demand it is returned. Gibraltarians wish to be British, we are pleased to have them too. Opposite Gibraltar in North Africa are the territories of Spain which are disputed by Morocco. The Moroccans say Spain should return these territories to them, Morocco , as the rightful owner. Spain refuses. Link to dispute, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plazas_de_soberan%C3%ADa . Strangely Spain thinks the British should return Gibraltar to them, but under the same circumstances, Spain should not return their territories of Morocco back to Morocco. Spain also backs up the Spanish speaking Argentinians claim to the Falklands. 

I bring these issues up because there is a fundamental problem with the Spanish speaking world demanding territories, whether they have a real right to them or not. Let us say it is deemed that the Falkland Islands are the property of Argentina. Argentinians take the islands. The British have no right to be there and are repatriated to Britain. Under these circumstances, Spain will get Gibraltar back, the people being repatriated to Britain and then the Moroccans get their territories and the Spanish are repatriated to Spain. Can you see where I am going with this?

under this reasoning, all Europeans no longer have the right to be in USA, Canada, any South or Central American Country, Oceania, Africa,etc. If one territory is deemed the property of another country, then the people are legally obliged to leave if the ‘new owner’ wishes.

Other Spanish speaking Central and South American Countries are backing the Spanish speaking Argentinians over the Falkland Islands. Of course, most of these countries are run by powerful people, who look greedily at the possible oil reserves and other resources, that Argentina would let them in on of they helped them take control of these islands.

But, Argentina has no right to them, they will never be given these islands by Britain and sadly they are stupid enough to go to war with us over them, if they get other countries backing them, or if no one wants to help us. USA, take note. The legality of ownership will come down to the Indigenous population having the right of ownership. Get your passports ready. You will be returning to Europe.


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