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Spot the Emperor Dragonflies Mating Result

Apologies for the delay in the result!

If you wish to ‘have a go’ before knowing the result, please look back about two weeks ago to the original picture.

If you wish to know the answer, scroll down!























Spot the Butterflies Competiton Result

If you want to try to find these three butterflies, do not scroll down to the answer. Go to the post two weeks ago and… have a go!




The pic below shows the positions of the butterflies.







Pictures from a Nature Reserve, Kent, England

I have posted pix today of a pregnant Slow Worm, Long Tailed Tits and a Brimstone Butterfly, I couldn’t get the picture of a Clouded Yellow Butterfly I saw, It was flying too fast for me. But I will try to get it next week.


I don’t like taking pix of wildlife not in their natural surroundings, but I can’t get very good pix of birds in the wild and the compost heap I found this slow worm on was too good to miss.

I saw something today I did not realise happened. I saw a Peacock Butterfly poop in the same way Birds do, and with the same force. It never occured to me that Butterflies do this. It looked like a birds, too. 

Finally, a ‘Count how many’ Competition. How many Ants in the pic? It may help to count the legs and divide by six, or count the antennae and divide by two….Have fun!











Spot the Birdie Competition

Another Spot the birdie comp. In two weeks I will give the answer.



Spot the Cricket

A new picture puzzle competition, this time for a Cricket.

On 25th September I will give the answer. Enjoy.

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