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Spot the Birdie Result

Hallo, If you do not wish to know the answer to where the Greenfinch is in the picture, don’t read any further until you have looked at the picture in an earlier post. However, there were two, so if you spotted one, then don’t read any further until you have located the second one.

For those of you looking for a Greenfinch, there were two. In the bottom right corner, on the twig spanning the corner is one Greenfinch. But there was another one. If you look at the two dark green leaves directly up and to the left of the first Greenfinch, in among the dead (brown) Buddleia flowers, is a second Greenfinch looking to the left.


Results of Spot the…..

None of these pix were photo shopped in any way, they were either taken with an Olympus 820i digital camera or a Samsung D900i Mobile Phone. I have decided to separate the answers to the Spot the… fun pix, so that people can play this game in perpetuity. If you don’t want to know the answers, look away now!!!

Top pic, Speckled Wood Butterfly, side on looking left. Middle of pic, right hand side, just to the left of the thick twig pointing toward you.

Next pic, Red Admiral Butterfly. Near bottom of pic in the middle, partial view.

Next pic, Holly Blue Butterfly, on left of paper – I think!

Next pic, Evil me! Two Butterflies! Gatekeeper Butterfly, middle of pic right hand side, (brown and orange) partial view. Common Blue Butterfly, top left, partial view.

Next pic, Brown Hawker Dragonfly. Top middle of pic, facing you in hover.

Next pic, Bird, Heron, left of middle of pic on riverbank.

Next pic, Bird, Robin, middle of pic.

Next pic, Bird, Marsh Harrier. Look at the lower part of the electricity pylon, right hand side. Two plants are sticking up above the others to the right. Just to the left of the left one in the middle of the lower part of the pylon, just right of centre of pylon; in flight.

I hope those who viewed these pix enjoyed them. If I take poor quality photos in the future, be sure they will end up here for another round of Spot the…!

Spot The Birdie – the easy ones pt2!

Another easy one. Kent, England. Spot and identify the Birdie.

Spot The Birdie

Spot The Birdie – the easy ones!

Here are a couple of easy ones to get on with, from Kent, England.  Just spot and identify the Birdie!

Spot The Birdie

Spot The Birdie

Let’s have something a bit more cheerful. I took a photo of this bird, see if you can find it. If you can, don’t tell anyone where it is, just say what it is.this is Kent, England. In a couple of weeks time, I will point it out and what it is. Enjoy!

Spot The Birdie

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