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Pictures across the Bay – and a short history of the area

Some pix I took a couple of miles further around the coast heading towards Deal and Dover. These were taken from Prince Edward Promenade just past Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour ( the only Royal Harbour in the country), looking across Pegwell Bay towards Sandwich and Richborough. There is a lot of history here. Saint Augustine came across to England arriving at Minster a few miles away. To the right and out of sight is Pegwell Bay. Hovercraft used to have a Hoverport here using the SRN4 type, crossing the English Channel to France. Sadly it went out of business about thirty years ago. Pix below




The first picture shows the hovercrafts used, the second shows the derelict port, which is as it is today. It was turned into a nature reserve. K-nex in the early ’80s wanted to set up a factory and distribution centre here, but the local council turned them down. In the background is Richborough Power Station. This coal powered station went out of business about twenty years ago. Last year these towers were demolished, its on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-w9q864a7E . In the video you will see a small wind turbine. This was an experimental one erected I think in the mid ’80s. I haven’t researched that. I know someone who used to drive past it and for years thought it was a sculpture of a seagull. I kid you not. Richborough Power Station has the ruins of Richborough Castle, a Roman Fort, behind it.

Which brings me to the next set of pix. Below are a few pix looking across Pegwell Bay to Richborough and Sandwich. In the pictures are two daylight views of the area. Followed by early evening views. Richborough Power Station in the centre, to the right the silhouette of the experimental wind turbine and to the left Pfizers. Where Viagra was discovered. Pfizers, Sandwich, closed down a couple of years ago, leaving a skeleton staff. Businesses are coming into the area, Pfizers left most of their labs, etc, intact.







This brings me to the experimental wind turbine. This is the Isle of Thanet, when you look at the east kent coast, Thanet is the part that sticks out almost due east. Over the past few years three wind farms have been erected around the north kent coast. Foreness Point, Botany Bay, Margate, then west to Whitstable and finally the largest wind farm in the world, the London Array. Below is a pic of the one off Foreness Point, Botany Bay.



Some people have a problem with wind farms blighting their views. I don’t. I look along the roads and see telegraph poles, telephone wires, street lamps. I look across the fields and see electricity pylons. We have become used to looking through them and enjoying the views anyway.

I look on wind farms as sea forests. I have been trying to think of names for our three sea forests off the north kent coast, but as yet haven’t come up with anything worthwhile. They are here to stay and I would rather look on them as forests of the sea than moan about them. I suspect they are becoming a haven for wildlife under the water as well. They begin collecting detritus, animals begin to move in to feed off it, so on and so on. We cannot live off fossil fuels forever, we cannot continue with nuclear power for much longer. We need to accept alternative energy supplies must be used. 

A few more historical facts about Thanet. Isle of Thanet means the Isle of the Dead. There are about eight times more burial sites per square kilometre in Thanet than the national average for England. The bouncing bomb used in WWII was tested at Reculver. Below are the ruins of Reculver Castle, nothing obviously to do with the testing of the bomb….

To the right is the north sea. Behind the camera is Minnis Bay, Thanet.



Charles Dickens lived in Broadstairs, Thanet. There is a Dickens festival every year. There is a Shell Grotto in Margate. The cave has been lined with sea shells. Thousands upon thousands of them. There is an issue about the date it was done, some say it was done a few thousand years ago, others a few hundred. Quex Park, holds important wildlife from Africa in their Powell-Cotton Museum. The chap used to go all over Africa shooting things. But what he also did was meticulously note everything down about each animal he shot. Where, when, etc. In recent years his collection has been used to re-introduce animals close to extinction in Africa. His meticulous note keeping allowed each hide he brought back to be used in relation to its DNA to help bring back near extinct animals . I could go on to be honest. Margate was the very first seaside town, for tourism and bathing.

Last but not least Manston Airport. The most bombed airfield in WWII. After the war USAF were stationed here from 1950 – 1958.  The US crews weren’t impressed with the Canadians who were based here during the war. They placed pipe bombs around all the buildings in case the Germans landed and didn’t remove them when they left after the war.

More recently, Manston’s Runway was an emergency runway for the Space Shuttle.

So there you have it. I thought I would share a few pix from some of my picture folders I’ve collected and I end up giving  a short history lesson on the Isle of Thanet and St. Augustine, Viagra, Space Shuttle, Hovercraft. Not to mention painters and writers.

It is always worth finding out about your local history. It is always interesting. I leave you with a picture of a Comma Butterfly and a Great Crested Newt, taken over the past couple of months. Enjoy.








America’s Gun Law

Perhaps, as an Englishman, I have no right to question the validity or spurious justification by an element of the American people of a section of The Constitution of the United States of America, but I am going to.

As an Atheist, when there is a tragedy such as this, it is the only time where I hope there is a God, so those poor children and their teachers have not died in pain and terror with nothing better at the end of their life.

My basic knowledge of the ‘Amendment’ is that in 1791 this was added for the right of all Americans to bear arms. With exceptions for criminals, etcetera.

In 1791 the type of  pistol and rifle available were not what they are today and there can be no justification whatsoever for any civilized democracy to accept machine guns, grenades and the astonishing arsenal of weapons available today in America, under that Amendment.

No one in their right mind would accept that any individual citizen needs an assault rifle, grenade or worse to defend themselves. The Amendment was written for the right of self defence. The fact an Amendment was added years later shows they accepted the original Constitution was not correct. There have been many Amendments as we all know.

The basic right of a human being to defend themselves, their family and property with a weapon is something I agree with. As an Englishman, other than farmers and certain others in the United Kingdom, we are not allowed to privately own weapons other than in Gun Clubs which has become severely restricted since our own Scottish horror of Dunblane. I have been shot at in a drive by. There are times when I have wished for a gun.

Why would an American want an assault rifle? You have an armed Police Force, a National Guard and an Army, Navy and Air Force for external threats as well as internal ones. The only reason an American would want a gun like an assault rifle or a grenade is, what? Please tell me, because I just do not know.

I had a quick two minute look on the internet and I found this;


Written in 2007 it is worth reading.

Please America. Grow up. You do not need this type of weaponry in your home. To have single shot pistols and rifles, small magazines, is all you need to defend yourself.

America must, State by State, County by County, City by City and Town by Town begin to remove its hideous Arsenal before it is too late. The Constitution of the United States of America is not sacrosanct. Amendments prove it. Americans have understood the Constitution was only the basic principle of their life, the requirement of Amendments show this.

Amend again so no more schools are annihilated.

No human citizen of any country needs to arm themselves like this. Any human who wants to, is by definition not of sound mind to be allowed to hold such licenses for these weapons.


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