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I’m a 50 year old non-smoker. I picked a still lit cigarette butt out of the gutter when I was six years old, tried it, hated it and never looked back. In my teens other teenagers never ever looked cool to me for smoking – and still don’t.

Recently I was speaking to another man in his 50s who dismissed all scientific evidence on the dangers of smoking. I pointed out that regardless, all he was doing was smoking leaf litter. Would he pick leaves off the ground, dry them, roll them up, put them in a bit of thin paper and smoke them? Nope!! That is all smokers are doing. Inhaling the smoke from leaf litter. 

Anyway, I digress.

As a teenager in the 1970s, many teenagers copied those in their late teens and twenties and took up smoking. Thinking it looked cool. It never tasted good, so it must be the alternative, it was seen as cool to do it. They would stand or sit in groups usually, taking a long drag on a roll up or a filter. Look slightly up or down, drawing the smoke in slowly before exhaling the smoke up into the air, sometimes into ring shapes. Co-o-o-o-o-l……


I am a driver for a council. In our tea room recently, this is the type of conversation of other drivers along with mechanics on their E-cigarettes.


“What flavour is that?”

“Cherry Cola.”

“This one is Blueberry and Apricot.”

“I’ve got Strawberry now, I didn’t like the Chocolate, didn’t taste right.”

It is funny to sit there listening to six foot fifteen stone men talking among themselves about E-cig flavourings.

I don’t know if E-cigs are healthier or, if not, are more likely to result in giving up smoking tobacco; ( I did ask if they came tobacco or nicotine flavoured, apparently they do, but they don’t want them ); but can anyone see younger generations emulating the older generations and taking up cherry cola flavour E-cigs, when there are sweets and drinks out there already in these flavours?


Perhaps this was the point all along, a cunning plan to halt the new generations of possible tobacco smokers in their tracks…. it’s not cool dudes!


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