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It was quite windy but warm here in Kent today. With a smattering of very light rain. Below are pictures of a few moths and butterflies, insects and plants. The first picture is not very good, but I am curious if anyone knows why ants would climb up this flower? It is called Ragwort, poisonous to horses and cattle. You will often see this being dug up and removed from farmers fields where they keep livestock. But, the Ragowrt Moth uses it to feed its young, so we can’t remove it from nature completely. I took pix of the caterpillars too. There are also a couple of pix of the Common Blue Butterfly. I had hoped it was a Silver Studded Blue, but the black line surrounding the wings above and under are not thick enough. Never mind, but just look at the state of it from above. It has been through a lot in its short life!Image


The Green Veined White Butterfly. Tricky to photograph.







I posted this plant, the Mullein Plant, being mullered by the Caterpillar of the Mullein Moth a few weeks ago. It survived and is now flowering.



Below is the Wild Flower Ragwort, with a Caterpillar from the Ragwort Moth feeding on it.










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