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Butterfly & Moth Pix

The Green Hairstreak Butterfly is one of a group of Hairstreak Butterflies in England. They are quite small and in the case of this one, very well camouflaged! The Ermine Moth was flying around early afternoon. I saw it go under a plant, put my camera down there and managed to get a couple of shots, I then took a risk and bent the plant over so the moth was in the sunlight. I managed to get this pic with my fingers, I’m not holding the moth, I pushed the plant over from underneath the moth. As I went to take a better pic, the Green Hairstreak stopped by – and the Ermine flew away. I then took a pic of a Blue Damselfly, but the pic isn’t good enough to post. However, the female Orange Tip Butterfly is. The male has orange tips to its wings. The Green Hairstreak is on a Forget-Me-Not.







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