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The following are three pictures I took of a Pond at a Nature Reserve in Kent. The first pic was taken in January 2012 when the pond was at its normal size, about six – eight feet deep. The second pic, taken in January 2013, shows the Pond after the previous year’s heavy rainfall, followed by the freeze. The pond is iced over. I like the patterns that formed across the pond in this one. The third was taken after the thaw this year. The water is receding now and the Marsh, Lizard and Common Orchids are coming through. Above the pond is the Astronomy Observatory, a 12″ reflecting telescope. Our resident astronomer has decided, due to the fact most people visit in the day when the stars are not visible, to use different eye attachments so the telescope can be used to view birds on the nature reserve! 100 light years down to 55 feet. Quite an achievement!!

For those interested, The first pic was taken with a samsung mobile phone camera. The latter two were taken with an Olympus 820i digital camera.






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