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New! Queen Elizabeth Postage Stamp

I thought it would be nice if the Penny Black had an update, since our Queen’s recent public escapade with James Bond…….


I am new to ‘creative photography’ and welcome others creating their own!


Slow Worm Picture Puzzle Result

As before, if you want to look at the picture before knowing how many slow worms there are, do not continue reading but look at the earlier post. Scroll down for the answer.









The answer is….three!

Higgs boson

As someone with an appreciation of science, I am pleased it seems another piece of the jigsaw puzzle explaining how we are here, has been found.
But, how long before a scientist decides to begin ripping them open ‘to look inside to see what makes them tick’?
The Mayan calendar runs out in 2012, the Higgs boson has been found, which seems to be the bit that holds us together. Someone figures out how to split it apart, a cascade follows, everything dissolving to light. End of the world……
Fortunately, I believe the Mayans either just got fed up making another annual calendar ( isn’t a couple of thousand enough, already?), or the skill was passed from father to son – and we all know at some point son says to dad, I wanna go into show business…..

Well done for finding it though!

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