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I have recently taken up photography again. Anyone who has attempted to photograph Dragonflies and Damselflies knows that patience is a virtue. However, I took out my Olympus Digital camera and tried to take photos of these fast moving creatures, who seemed to take great delight in buzzing me, stopping in front of me just long enough for me to focus my camera on them before taking off, stopping a little way further on, without giving me time to depress the shutter.

While going through my camera’s features I found a multiple shoot mode. My camera takes twelve pix one after the other! So I tried it. Below I have uploaded three sets of pix, showing what can be achieved if, like me ( eventually), you take the time to see what your camera can do. With the dragonfly pix, I forgot to put it into action mode. So, the pix are blurry, see if you can spot him in the first pic! But, I got him on film. The two Damselfy sets are in focus.Image







I have also decided to return to 35mm photography with a Fujica AX-5 camera. It has the capabilities of my digital camera and I have lots of zoom lenses with macro. I can’t afford to purchase modern digital cameras with zooms, so I’m going retro.

A picture of a nice Water Lily to finish.



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