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Victorian Sea Railway

I came across these pictures recently. I had heard of this sea going railway line from Victorian times. So I’ve uploaded five pictures from the era.

Just think, if this had taken off and been a success, the Channel Tunnel from England to France would never have been built, we would have been travelling across the English Channel by railway line – albeit on two hundred foot stilts from the railway line on the sea bed!

If anyone could have built it, the Victorians could have.

I believe there is still one of these types of railway lines in existence in England, around Hampshire I think, travelling to an island from the coast.






I believe a storm destroyed it in its first year of use, it was rebuilt and was used for about five years and then ceased.


Spot the Birdie

This is a picture of a Greenfinch, England. Again, I have not manipulated this picture in any way. See if you can find the Greenfinch. I will give the answer about 15th January 2012.



Spot the Birdie Result

Hallo, If you do not wish to know the answer to where the Greenfinch is in the picture, don’t read any further until you have looked at the picture in an earlier post. However, there were two, so if you spotted one, then don’t read any further until you have located the second one.

For those of you looking for a Greenfinch, there were two. In the bottom right corner, on the twig spanning the corner is one Greenfinch. But there was another one. If you look at the two dark green leaves directly up and to the left of the first Greenfinch, in among the dead (brown) Buddleia flowers, is a second Greenfinch looking to the left.

Renewable Energy & its Storage at TED.com

Check it out. Also look at ted.com for a huge selection of talks on a variety of issues.

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