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Spot the Birdie

This is a picture of a Greenfinch, England. Again, I have not manipulated this picture in any way. See if you can find the Greenfinch. I will give the answer about 15th January 2012.




Victorian Sea Railway

I came across these pictures recently. I had heard of this sea going railway line from Victorian times. So I’ve uploaded five pictures from the era. It was used around the coastline of Brighton.

Just think, if this had taken off and been a success, the Channel Tunnel from England to France would never have been built, we would have been travelling across the English Channel by railway line – albeit on two hundred foot stilts from the railway line on the sea bed!

If anyone could have built it, the Victorians could have.

I believe there is still one of these types of railway lines in existence in England, around Hampshire I think, travelling to an island from the coast.






I believe a storm destroyed it in its first year of use, it was rebuilt and was used for about five years and then ceased.

Moon Landings

I recently had yet another conversation with someone who does not believe that man has landed on the moon. All the conspiracy theories are brought up, etc, etc, etc.

I believe that man has landed on the moon.If the USA had lied about it the then Communists of USSR ( now Russia, Latvia, Georgia, etc ) and China, at that time both enemies of the West, would have been screaming from the roof tops that the USA had faked it. They did not do that.

So I wondered how it could be proven man has indeed landed on the moon and the evidence, all the machinery, footprints, Dune Buggy and the initials inscribed into the surface, TDC, of one of the daughter’s of one of the American astronauts, could be seen.

So, why, with all the spacecraft sent across the Solar System, has not one been sent to photograph the sites in High Definition? With the camera technology we have today and the necessity of some spacecraft to have to be slingshot around the earth or moon or sun to gather speed, has no one thought to do this?

Would it even cost that much to send a specific spacecraft 239,000 miles to the Moon, photograph and video the sites and return back to earth with the evidence – or even transmit it back to earth for all to see?

Beagle 2, a spacecraft sent to Mars by a British scientist whose name I forget unfortunately, cost about £50,000,000. It failed because the USA scientists didn’t supposedly, use the correct measurements (Imperial or Metric). My apologies if that information is wrong, but that is my understanding, ( I’m English ).

If anyone would like to take up this idea to send a spacecraft to the moon, film the landing sites and mans’ mark, then please feel free to do so! I would like to point out that £50,000,000 is a lot of money, but whoever does photograph the sites will make a couple of hundred million pounds from the calendars, the DVD’s, etc. Just a thought!

I want to put an end to these conspiracy theories as soon as possible, they’re pointless and driving me nuts.

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