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Greece Debt Default

When an individual or a company defaults on payments they owe, their assets are sold off.

Greece should have to give large areas of land or whole islands to the banks and countries they owe money to.

This would solve the problem.

1. Greece would be free of debt.

2. The banks would hold large assets they could sell or develop, with the proviso the new landowners and developers must accept Greek and European Law in that order, but all profit would go the bank/country owed money.

3. The rest of the world would no longer worry about the state of their own economies getting in the mess Greece has got into.

This would also show Portugal, Ireland, etc, that they must get their houses in order or lose their own land.

By the way, have these countries said thank you to us (UK etc), the countries and peoples who have given them our own money while we endure our own hardship ( thanks in UK to Labour Party incompetence)?


Speed of Light Exceeded

So, the speed of light has been overtaken….although checks have been asked for to confirm and verify the experiment.

I have always believed that this is yet just another boundary to pass and not the finite speed anything can travel.

The World was flat, then we found out it was round.

The Earth was the centre of the Universe, then we found out we revolve around a Sun, revolving around a Galaxy in a spiral arm, moving through space.

We were told if we went faster than 20mph, we would suffocate, then we broke the speed of sound.

While Physicists and Einstein and all the other scientists theorize(d), in most cases proven, what has never seemed to have been taken into account is that there are two Universes in effect – possibly many more. There is the natural evolution of our Universe, how it came into being, how it works in its natural state. Then  Man came along and mixed this bit with that bit, we have computers, transportation, and a myriad of man made recipes involving mixing natural elements together to make a myriad of things. None of which are natural. Man can not run fast enough to break the speed of sound, he cannot flap his arms and fly to the moon. He can make machines that empower him to do this.

The Speed of light is not constant and it does bend. Light slows through objects including water. It is bent by Gravity. Therefore it is not constant. It is just another barrier we will endeavour to overcome. And we will.


We are probably not the only ones out there doing it either.

Spot the butterfly

It is probably a Green Veined White (more likely than a Small white). It is top centre on a leaf wings closed.

Spot the butterfly

As before, try to identify the Butterfly. In a week, I will post the answer, although I am not entirely sure which of two it is!

Spot the Butterfly


If you want to help someone in the world to help themselves and their family, then I suggest you go to the kiva website and read it.

People around the world ask for a donation, as little as $25 (£20) to help them start a business. They will repay you the loan – no interest, you are helping them out remember! – and you have helped someone in the poorest areas of the world begin a new life for themselves and their children.

Just visit the site, check the pros and cons and think about $25/ £20. Can you give that? Most of us can, think about it.

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