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The Photon Experiment

Where do I begin with this one…

There was an experiment carried out where a single photon was fired through a slit. This was repeated. It was presumed that the impact marks behind the slit would show a single point where the photons had ended up. Instead, a pattern of bars was created of the impact points.  Directly behind where the vertical slit was, there was a bar of impact points, then on either side of this bar another pair of bars of impact points and then another set of bars either side of these and so on. How could firing a single photon at the same point cause this bar effect to occur, as if the photons were collectively acting in wave form? How can a single photon be a wave? How could firing a number of these photons cause a wave effect?

That was the gist of it.

When I heard about this experiment and read about it (  Schroedinger’s Cat – don’t get me started on that one..), my first questions are,

1.Was the experiment done all over the world or just in this place?
2.Was the distance between the slit and the photon firing gun always the same?
3.Was there a distinct firing pattern, specific time periods between each firing?
4.Were different photon firing guns used?
5.Were differently shaped slits or openings used? (For example, a cross shaped slit, vertical slits as well as horizontal slits, etc).
6.Was the temperature and altitude constant?

You get my drift.

I have never seen these questions posed or answered.

So, my view is this. There is an underlying current to the Universe. Look at the waves move across a sea or ocean, take away the solid form and leave the wave effect. I believe there is an underlying current – or wave – throughout our universe. Which makes it a fifth force along with gravity, electromagnetism, etc.

If we were to continuously drop the smallest volume of matter that could be called water (H2O), which should be 2 atoms of Hydrogen to one atom of Oxygen in effect; into an ocean at the same point, under Laboratory conditions, the 3D impact of this over a period of time would show up the pitches and troughs of that current/wave as it passed through.

I believe this is what is happening with our photons, which travel at the speed of light, which therefore are affected by Time as well as what I believe is an underlying current/wave through our Universe.

Our massless photons are being taken on a ride through Time and Space from the point of leaving the gun through the time and distance traveled through the slit to the impact point. They drift with the constant ebb and flow of that current/wave. Causing bars in wave form to appear where only one should.

I may have solved the Unifying Theory too…..



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